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How to use the monthly spread interior door

The Universal Journal is an ultra-streamlined style meant to get as much productivity out of the bullet journal with as little time and effort put into it as possible. Therefore, one of the goals of this style is getting multiple uses out of the limited real estate of the page.

bullet journal minimalist monthly spread interior door

Monthly Spread Set Up

The (incorrectly named) dutch door monthly spread posted last month shows a "door" flap in the monthly spread. But nothing was done with the interior of that door at the time of the video. In today's post we'll look at one way to use that space.

As you'll see if you watch the video, my current monthly spread includes the following:
  • door
  • calendar thumbnail printout
  • monthly schedule page with separated weeks
  • task list page
The door itself has both sides used, both of which are trackers. On one side I have a general habit tracker, and the other focuses on a wellness tracker. Both trackers share the 30/31 day column created for the monthly schedule (so I only have to write it out once). Now I've got a mock up of a financial tracker I'm thinking about trying for next month's spread.

bullet journal monthly spread door flap financial

Financial Tracker Set Up

In this mock up you'll see the closed door flap on the left and the same flap opened on the right. The opened tracker follows the same separated weeks layout as the other trackers. It's not a financial tracker, per se. It's more of a task list related to various financial obligations, just to help make sure those tasks get done.

With this layout, I might use something as simple as a dot in each square where the task is done which will automatically show the date it was done as well. I don't really need to mark down the amounts spent for these tasks here as that information is already recorded elsewhere electronically.

With this layout, I've got a calendar, task list, and 3 trackers all in the space of one spread. But it's done in a way that minimizes redundant writing (such as having to write out the dates column more than once).

If anyone knows what the proper name of this door flap, I'd sure like to know. And if you've got any questions about this layout or other ideas about it, please comment below.



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